Allen Yellofin and Yellofin EliteTM Stirrups

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Product details

The Allen Yellofin stirrups enable surgical personnel to lift and position a
patient’s legs, then safely and securely hold the legs in position while surgical
procedures are performed. The Allen Yellofin stirrup family is different because of the lateral safety fin, and the patented Lift-AssistTM technology.

The boot’s unique fin design eliminates the possibility of peroneal nerve injury, unlike candy cane stirrups that can cause nerve damage from uncontrolled abduction during procedures. In addition, Lift-Assist technology neutralizes the leg weight, enabling staff to easily move the leg to any desired position. This is extremely helpful with heavy or obese patients, both in preventing staff back injuries, and by enhancing patient comfort and safety.

Features and tech specs

Floating Boot – Self-adjusting boot eliminates pressure on the calf, when moving the stirrup into various degrees of lithotomy.

Lift-Assist – Allows easy movement of the leg when placing it in the desired position.

Squeeze Grip Handle – Provides easy intraoperative adjustment without compromising the sterile field. Controls any degree of lithotomy as well as medial and lateral motion. Simply release the handle to secure the leg holder in all directions.

Lithotomy & Degree of Flexion Indicators – Visual indicators that help ensure precise positioning.