Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer

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Product details

Trainer for hemorrhage control on upper extremity with realistic wound and bleeding simulation. Improve pre-hospital patient care training with instructional and hands-on training of hemorrhage control with wound packing and tourniquet application. This simulator is especially suitable for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Civilian Casualty Care training.

The affordable Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer P102 by 3B Scientific is the perfect solution for realistic training of bleeding control and management of traumatic injuries on the arm. Trainees will gain confidence in managing difficult bleeding using tourniquets and wound packing. The arm is equipped with three different wound patterns:

  • Deep laceration or stab wound (5 cm)
  • Large caliber gunshot wound through and through (GSW)
  • Junctional wound in the shoulder area

Instructor controlled bleeding: the bleeding of each wound is controlled with a manual blood pump system simulating venous or arterial pulsatile blood hemorrhage.

Features and tech specs

The trainer simulates a full arm of an adult make wiht a very realistic outer anatomy

The skin is made of high quality Skinlike sturdy silicon to simulate human skin and tissue haptics.

Features bony landmarks and palpable vessel damaged in the GSW.

Direct feedback : the bleedign will stop (mechanical occlusion of blood vessels) when tourniquet has been correctly applied (placemnet and closing).

The application of the tourniquet can be mde high and light or 5-8cm (2-3")above the wound.

Each wound can be hidden with a dedicated cover to offer modular injusry scenarios

Each wound bleeds independently