LG 3MP Diagnostic Monitor

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The 21.3 inch (54.102 cm) IPS 3MP IPS display with ergonomic design allows two way pivot, reducing chronic pain caused by long hours of work.

The 1000 nits brightness makes it easy to view medical CT and angiography images with quality and precision.

Built-in automatic and remote calibration help increase productivity and efficiency. It automatically converts medical images into more suitable images for accurate diagnosis.

The Presence Sensor automatically turns off the screen when no motion is detected. It can save power and be more secure by exposing patient information and other sensitive data.

Auto Luminance Sensor and Ambient Sensor: Automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions.

DICOM Part 14 Compliant Gamma enables accurate diagnosis by adjusting the grayscale of the medical image received from different types of image capture devices.

The 18-bit LUT also creates an enhanced and accurate grayscale image by smoothing the transition between LUT values.
Protected with AntiBacterial Housing.