Product details

Cryo Surgery (erbe)

The ERBECRYO® 2 unit, with single-use flexible probes, is the next generation of Erbe cryogenic technology that is designed with an emphasis on reproducibility.

Target tissue can be frozen in front of the probe cryogenically and tangentially, allowing clinical applications in difficult anatomical areas and hard-to-reach target areas.

Cryogenic technology does not require reduced levels of oxygen concentration compared to “hot” techniques such as electrosurgery, APC® or laser.

Better quality biopsies compared to flexible forceps biopsies.

Superior diagnostic performance

Larger biopsies

Better biopsy (very few crushing artifacts or internal bleeding in the sample; morphological structure remains intact).

Exclusive use of carbon dioxide (CO2) standardizes clinical results worldwide with a non-narcotic, easy-to-use gas.

Flow Control – Improved reproducibility delivers as much gas as the probe needs to reach its maximum freezing power, for each probe size, saving gas and providing reproducible freezing results that support standardization.

Plug and Play – System communication automatically detects probe size, flow control sets correct parameters for optimum freezing result based on probe size and gas cylinder and tank connections. on/off switch.

Error Handling – System feedback can detect unit and sensor malfunctions, helping identify the source of failures.
Supports standardization and reproducibility (freezing time is a very important factor in cryogenic target tissue effect).

The digital display gives the user an overview of all important working parameters.