Product details

This innovative 3-in-1 ultrasound model provides hands-on training in:

  • Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks with ability to verify needle tip location
  • Ultrasound IV insertion with embedded vessels & realistic blood flashback
  • Ultrasound bone imaging featuring a fractured bone structure

Effective training in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia

Trainee anesthetists develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary to use ultrasound for guiding regional anesthesia and vascular access procedures. Simulated anaesthetic fluid can be injected around the nerve.

Realistic. Durable. Easy to set up.

TruNerve Block is ideal for emergency medicine, radiology, surgical training programs, ultrasound training programs, simulation centers, surgical skills centers, medical education facilities and manufacturers for ultrasound education and demonstrations.

Medical Procedure Training.

  • Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
  • Ultrasound-guided vascular access
  • IV cannulation (venipuncture and vein cannulation)
  • Injection of simulated anesthetics with visual air & fluid retention possible
  • Injection of fluid around the nerve
  • Identification of arterial and venous blood flow
  • Fractured bone identification
  • Ultrasound education & machine demonstrations (ideal for ultrasound manufacturers).

Features and tech specs

Contains epidermal layer, two simulated vessels (4mm), a nerve bundle (with surrounding artery and vein), a fractured bone & fascia layers

Nerve bundle allows fluid entry & withdrawal for anesthesia fluid administration

Positive fluid flow when vessels are accurately accessed

Constant blood flow for realistic flashback

Color Doppler flow imaging

1000+ needle incisions with self-healing/regeneration of the TruUltra material

Needle tracks disappear with very minimal damage to material

Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options

Realistic needle tip identification and artefact

Use with any ultrasound imaging system with appropriate transcuder probe (recommend high-frequency linear array transducer 5-12 mhz)

Weight: 1.8Kg (4 lb) [Ultrasound insert = 800g (1.8lb) and product plinth = 1Kg (2.2lb)] Dims: 350mm x 150mm X 110mm (Ultrasound insert -160mm x 140mm x 40mm)