Product details

CAE Juno offers true mobility, ease of use and a contemporary look and feel for a fully immersive experience in nursing programs in order to competently work in a clinical environment.

CAE Healthcare’s clinical skills manikin is the newest offering for nursing programs. Juno is a modern manikin that was designed to meet educational requirements for clinical nursing skills, from task training through advanced patient care scenarios.

Juno easily converts from female to male, saving on costs and space while facilitating expanded learning opportunities.

• Includes 10 Simulated Clinical Experiences :-
– Chronic heart failure exacerbation
– Gastrointestinal bleed secondary to esophageal varices
– Skills validation
– Asthma management of patient in home care setting
– Postoperative care of the patient with complications: pneumonia
– Suctioning and tracheostomy care with hypoxia
– Basic assessment of the hip replacement patient
– Postoperative care of the patient with a ruptured diverticulum
– Seizure disorder and moderate learning disability
– Dementia and urinary tract infection in a patient with DNR orders
• Electronic user guide
• Single year CAE Value Assurance warranty Optional Equipment
• Patient monitor computer
• Interchangeable wound modules
• Post-mastectomy module
• Breast exam module
• Fundus assessment module
• Articulated arms
• Ultrasound training model insert for  venous and arterial cannulation and infusion

Features and tech specs

Airway : Oral and dental hygiene, BVM Ventilation, Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airway placement, Endotracheal & Tracheostomy tune placement

Breathing : Manual bilateral chest rise and fall, Circulation, Unilateral blood pressure, Bilateral carotid pulses (manual), Unilateral subclavian catheter insertion.

Gastrointestinal : Nasogastric tube insertion and gastric lavage and gavage with real fluids, Ostomy care and irrigation of a variety of configurable stomas, Enema administration with fluids

Urinary: Urinary Catheterization with Interchangeable genitalia.

Pharmacology System : Six intramuscular sites for medication administration, Eye and Ear irrigation

Articulation : Realistic articulation, Range of motion in hips, knees, ankle, shoulders, elbows and wrist, cervical ,motion for practice of patient stabilization

Vascular Access : Unilateral IV cannulation, Fluid and medication administration, Blood draw with vacuum sealed blood collection system