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Can’t stop shaking? Maybe a sign of essential tremor

May 27, 2022

Do you ever notice rhythmic shaking while performing simple tasks like writing, drinking, trying shoelaces etc. this is essential tremor?

In India, more than 1 million cases are found per year. We are unknown about the fact which causes essential tremors but one suggests that our cerebellum and other parts of the brain may not function in the proper way which can be a reason for essential tremors.We’ll cover how we can treat a person and how they can live with this disorder and improve their understanding in future.

What is essential tremor?

It is rhythmic shaking of hands, legs, arms etc which leads to nervous system disorder. These are commonly seen in aged people and can start from childhood. Essential tremor is considered a slowly progressive disorder. Mostly visible when people are in a fixed position. People most often feel shakiness or vibration sensations in the body. They feel difficulty in drinking water through glass, while dressing, shaving etc. These symptoms may arise due to stress, fatigue, taking caffeine etc.

Is treatment available?

People with essential tremors try to grasp cups with both hands, eat soups by using a spoon and use straws for liquids etc. People start adapting themselves to the disease. Treating tremors can help but cannot be cured completely. The drug is given like propranolol and primidone etc to cure it. The American Academy of Neurology has published treatment guidelines and a recent comprehensive review of the treatments was published in 2015. Treatment with gamma knife radiosurgery thalamotomy also helps to cure it to some extent.

How will you know that you are suffering from an essential tremor?

There are no. of ways-

  • It begins with the medical history of a person.
  • Family history is checked.
  • MRI and CT scans may be helpful in eliminating tremors.
  • With the help of a blood sample.
  • Improving our understanding in the future

    Advancements in genetics will greatly improve our understanding of essential tremors. Research is also going on to get information on different parts of the brain. Better drugs are needed, and also controlled trials are required to determine their safety. Although essential tremor is not life-threatening, it becomes harder to perform daily tasks and is embarrassing to some people. Severity may increase as a person gets older though frequency decreases. So, don’t feel embarrassed about your shaking just remain the way you are.