1.3 MP Clinical Review Monitor

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Product details

The 19-inch (48.26 cm) 1.3 MP display is ergonomically designed and allows for a 178° viewing angle, allowing patients and clinicians to view accurately reproduced images with minimal distortion.

The medical monitor complies with ISO22196, which is the measure of the antimicrobial properties incorporated to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can affect the housing of this product.
The monitor offers 330 nits which makes it brighter.

Provides optimal color gamut for 1.3 MP HD resolution medical images represented by NTSC 72%, ensuring accurate image quality and optimal grayscale.

DICOM Part 14 ensures the most accurate and consistent shading possible for medical imaging.

With low input lag and fast response time, it enables the monitor to receive a signal quickly and display a clear image without distortion, for accurate decoding information for efficient examination.

Auto-Brightness Sensor: Automatically adjusts screen brightness based on surrounding lighting conditions.

Flicker Safe reduces the level of screen flicker to almost zero, helping to minimize eye strain. By combining Flicker Safe with IPS technology, users can work comfortably throughout the day.

Reader Mode provides optimal conditions for clinical use. By reducing blue light to help reduce eye strain, Reader Mode provides optimal conditions for reading.