Product details

Designed specifically to support anesthesia and medical gases, with patented cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and pharmacological modeling, the CAE HPS Human Patient Simulator is the Gold Standard in high fidelity patient simulation for respiratory and critical care training.

1.Airway Bag-valve-mask ventilation, Tongue swelling, Bronchial occluder

2.Anesthesia and Scavenging –
Ability to administer anesthetic agents and medical gases

Lungs consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide

Uptake and distribution of nitrous oxide
and volatile anesthetics

Direct gas exchange within the lungs

ventilation fully supported with automatic responses to CPAP, PSV, PEEP, SIMV, assist control modes and weaning protocols

Simulator will flow trigger or pressure trigger a ventilator to cycle

Simulator can be configured to fight the ventilator

Expired carbon dioxide automatically based on patient condition and interventions

Thumb twitch with standard Peripheral Nerve
Stimulator based on neuromuscular agent response

3.Pharmacology System Pharmacology system models automatically calculate the pharmacokinetics
and pharmacodynamics for more than 50 intravenous and inhaled medications

All patient responses to drugs are automatic, dose dependent and follow the appropriate time course

4.Enhanced Drug Recognition System
Features barcode technology and extensive drug library

Standard syringes with barcoded labels including drug name and concentration

Barcode technology automatically identifies the drug, concentration and dose requiring no interaction form the instructor

5.Breathing Integrated SpO2 finger probe, breath sounds, chest tube insertion, pulmonary artery catheterization

6. Circulation Defibrillation,pacing,12-lead dynamic ECG, bilateral pulses

7. CPR Compliant with AHA 2015 guidelines