Product details

CAE Luna, offers a complete range of options for essential training in the care and medical treatment of a neonate in crisis.

Oral & Nasal endotracheal intubation, Right mainstem intubation, Laryngeal mask placement, Oro & Naso pharyngeal airway insertion, tracheostomy site, Manual chest excursion (BVM) , Asymetrical chest excursion, Oral and nasopharyngeal suctioning, Lung sound auscultation

Pneumothorax decompression, Chest tube placement, Laryngospasm

Spontaneous breathing, Mechanical ventilation support


Manual tristate pupils, Manual adjustable fontanelle, Seizures

Digestive & Urinary

Feeding tube placement , Distended abdomen, Urinary catheterization w/ fluid return, Bowel sound auscultation


Chest compressions, IO, IM injections, Peripheral venous access, Central venous access via umbilicus, SQ injections, Peripheral arterial, Subclavian catheter placement, Bilateral bracheal pulses, Library of cardiac rhythms, Commercial ECG device compatible, Heart sound auscultation, Chest compression metrics, Femoral pulse & Umbilical pulse


Elbow, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Neck, Jaw

Additional Features

Circumoral Cyanosis


Commercial defibrillator compatibile

Physiological model

External lung