ELI 380 Ergo Resting Electrocardiograph

Welch Allyn ELI 380 Resting ECG with ERGO swivel and touchscreen display is designed to make the total ECG experience more efficient from decreasing the time required to perform the procedure to increasing the accuracy and security of the data acquired to the overall patient care experience.

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Product details

Wireless Freedom – equivalent in size and weight to a traditional patient cable the WAM wireless acquisition module provides freedom of movement for both patients and clinicians.

Features and tech specs

The ergonomic, impact-resistant 17"touchscreen display is fully adjustable allowing 180 degree viewing

Easy to clean screen and sealed keyboard help enhance infection control compliance

Display upto 12 or optional 15 leads of ECG data for immediate review and plotting

VERTITAS resting ECG interpretation algorithm with age and gender specific criteria

High fidelity acquisition sampling rate of 40000 samples per seconds per channel

The lead Reversal detection features helps to reduce errors as well as the need for repeat ECGs detects limb and chest lead reversals in real time and indicates which leads may be reversed.

Enhanced device security with industry leading encryption of patient data