The Centuris bed satisfies the requirements for safety, reliability and usability. Satisfies the essential requirement of hospital beds for adults therefore Centuris Pro bed is perfect for low-acuity parts of your hospital or short-term stays.

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Product details

The Centuris Pro bed, as part of the HillromTM 900 family, uses the same standardised parts, making maintenance easier. It also has the same easy-to-use controls as the Hillrom 900 bed, making it adaptable for healthcare workers who operate in many departments of the hospital.

Features and tech specs

AutoContour and SlideGuard reduce abdominal compression during bed articulation by minimising patient migration in bed.

The Line-Of-Site backrest indicator is simple to read and aids in the implementation of caregiver procedures.

Split side rails can be lowered with one hand and have a smooth, swift self-lowering mechanism for easy patient access.

An ergonomically designed side egress grab handle provides stable support during bed escape.

Controls with functional lock-out provide increased operating safety.

A 220 kg Safe Working Load allows for a wider spectrum of patients to be accommodated.

Manoeuvrability is enhanced by 150 mm single band castors, which include a steering castor

Patient safety is improved by centralised braking.

The Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg function makes patient repositioning more convenient.

Hand-held pendant control or integrated controls are two choices available, both of which simplify bed operation for carers.