LG 12MP Diagnostic Monitor

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The 31-inch (78.74 cm) 12 MP IPS display with an ergonomic design allows users to freely adjust tilt, height, and swivel, reducing chronic pain caused by long hours of work.

Adjust the monitor resolution between 12 MP and 6 MP to optimize the connected device in multi-resolution mode.

It reproduces the same level of detail and color accuracy seen directly under a microscope, to help healthcare professionals make a more accurate diagnosis.

The front sensor allows automatic self-calibration without the need for additional measuring equipment. improves the quality and consistency of displayed medical images by maintaining accurate values.

The Presence Sensor automatically turns off the screen when no motion is detected. It can save power and be more secure by exposing patient information and other sensitive data.

Auto Luminance Sensor: Automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions.

Focus View Mode and Light Box Mode allow a more detailed examination of a specific part of the medical image. Support for

Wide Color Gamut with sRGB Over 99% (Coverage)

Downlight and Walllight modes reduce the contrast between monitor brightness and ambient lighting conditions, allowing you to work comfortably without having to adjust the lighting to view paper documents in the darkroom.

6 hotkeys make switching between screen modes easier and more intuitive than operations through an on-screen menu.
The 6 hotkeys are much faster and easier to use while you work, allowing you to change mode, screen resolution, and light settings, all without interrupting your workflow.

It supports digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM)

Flicker Safe reduces the level of screen flicker to almost zero, helping to minimize eyestrain. By combining Flicker Safe with IPS technology, users can work comfortably throughout the day.

Supports Picture by Picture (PBP) – 2PBP and Dual Controller allowing multiple signals from several devices on one screen and control with one keyboard or mouse