Medical Stretcher

The Hill-Rom stretcher line is designed to make patient transport and management safer and more efficient. It is customized as per your needs.

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Product details

Hill-Rom stretchers help caregivers and patients stay safe. The BackSaver Fowler feature uses the patient’s own weight to let caregivers effortlessly and pleasantly raise and lower the stretcher’s head portion.
The AutoContour feature, which lifts the knee area of the stretcher to reduce the need for patient repositioning, also adds to the stability.

Features and tech specs

Even with repeated use, the heavy-gauge, steel-reinforced frame provides longevity.

Patient access is safer because to the stretcher's capacity to be lowered to a height of 58.4 cm.

Side Rails that are fully integrated indicate safer patient transport.

The optional SteeringPlus directional system has fully-locking five castor brakes for better steering, stopping, cornering, and control.

Greater manoeuvrability is possible with the optional integrated IV pole transport device and ergonomic push handles.

Optional fifth wheel mobility

Ergonomic push handles