Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) Training Manikin

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Instructors for Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) focus on four main skill sets as defined by the PHTLS course, which is offered by the National Registry for EMT (NREMT): airway maintenance with basic and advanced adjuncts, IV therapy, I/O therapy, and chest trauma treatment.

Features and tech specs

Pneumothorax reduction

Replacement skin sections

Discharge of air for audible confirmation of placement

No damage to interior systems

Manubrium I/O insertion

Designed for use with Pyng FAST1®training device

Replaceable bone insert assures long life

IV arm

Multiple access locations from dorsal hand up to and including the antecubital fossa

Arm rotates for ease of access

Vein replacement in field

Deluxe intubation head with tongue edema and laryngospasm option

Flexible skin makes jaw thrust life-like

Jaw can be dislocated for further complications

Durable material limits laryngoscope blade damage

There are no electronic components or ECG capabilities