Digital Blood Pressure Device

Welch Allyn – Sphygmomanometers. ProBP 2000 Digital Blood Pressure Device . This is Fast, Accurate and cost-effective automated blood pressure device for healthcare professionals looking for both clinical and economical efficiency.

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Product details

2000 ProBP 2000 with adult Reusable FlexiPort BP Cuff (size 11) and 4 AA batteries

2000 ProBP 2000 with adult Reusable FlexiPort BP cuff (size 11), 4 AA batteries and power supply

Features and tech specs

Welch Allyn SureBP and Welch Allyn FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff technologies combines two of our innovative technologies to enhance exams for you & your patients

Blood pressure readings are captured more comfortably on inflation and take about 20 seconds

Compatible with Reusable FlexiPort Cuff sizes ranging from child upto large adult and thigh (15-55 cm range)

One button touch triggers the device to start capturing on-cuff inflation

Digital LED Screen displays BP reading and pulse rate.

Works with batteries or with an optional AC adaptor