Professional Stethoscopes

With its minimal weight and rotating binaural allowing for a custom fit the Welch Allyn Professional Stethoscope is one of the most comfortable and versatile general use stethoscopes manufactured today.

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Product details

Product Categories

5079-135 Adult Professional(Black),71cm
5079-137 Adult Professional(Navy),71cm
5079-138 Adult Professional(Plum),71cm
5079-139 Adult Professional(Burgundy),71cm
5079-285 Adult Professional(Green),71cm
5079-289 Adult Professional(Blue),71cm
5079-145 Pediatric Professional(Black),71cm
5079-147 Pediatric Professional(Navy),71cm
5079-148 Pediatric Professional(Plum),71cm
5079-149 Pediatric Professional(Burgundy),71cm
5079-287 Pediatric Professional(Green),71cm

Features and tech specs

General use stethoscope (71cm tube length)

Stainless steel double head (bell and flat diaphragm) chest piece with non-chill rim

Rotatable binaurals and inter changeable comfort sealing ear tips

Not made with natural rubber latex