TruClear™ Hysteroscopic Tissue removal system

It brings clarity, precision and procedural efficiency to hysteroscopic tissue removal

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Product details

Designed for Performance

  • Mechanical approach to remove intrauterine tissue conveniently.
  • No scarring from thermal energy or energy discharge.
  • No bubbles or electrical energy in the uterus which reduces the risk of air or gas emboli and the risk of patient harm.
  • Designed for visual D & C, evacuation of retained products
    of conception (RPOC), and fibroid and polyp removal.

Features and tech specs

Clear Operative Field : Reduces tissue floating within the uterine cavity and helps maintain a clear operative field with continuous flow and suction

Efficient Procedure : Delivers simultaneous cutting and tissue removal, requiring only a single insertion

Targeted Pathology Removal : Allows for efficient cut and capture with continuous visualization and enables evaluation of the entire pathology due to tissue capture

Gentle Resection : Preserves the uterus through localized treatment while removing tissue, reduces fluid use through proprietary suction control technology;

and also reduces the risk of energy discharge induced scarring and gas embolism due to mechanical design