Universal Surgical Table – TS 7000

TS 7000 Operating Table is user-friendly, dependable, adaptable, and expandable. Doctors can focus on the patient rather than the surgical equipment thanks to a slim column design, straightforward feedback systems, and integrated safety features.

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Product details

During a procedure, nothing should come between doctor and their patient. That’s why the TS 7000 Operating Table was created with the needs of your surgical team in mind.

Features and tech specs

Extremely low and high working positions

1,000 lb (450 kg) patient weight capacity

± 45° Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg.

± 30° tilt.

18" (46 cm) of longitudinal shift for a maximum radiolucent area

Double-joint adjustment of headrest

Minimal table set-up between procedures.

X-Ray channel for full body fixed imaging.

Ergonomic Y-shaped base allows for greater access during GYN and urology procedures

Optimal docking capabilities for robot-assisted surgery.

A comprehensive range of components and accessories.