Wireless Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD)

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Product details

DXD guarantees high resolution and clear image quality without image distortion thanks to 16-bit image processing

It also supports 140㎛ ideal pixel pitches for high resolution images.

IP53: resistant to water and dust

Composed of carbon fiber with magnesium, LG DXD is not only lightweight but also exceptionally strong.

It only takes 2.5 seconds to get a raw image, increasing productivity with fast processing.

Multi-Layer Image Processing (MLP) built into AWS (Acquisition Workstation Software) provides a well-balanced display at every frequency level with contrast enhancement processing that improves the visibility of tissue in an image.

It contains 2500 x 3052 x-ray sensitive pixels.

It has an X-ray sensitive area of 350 x 427.28 mm.